Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I was tagged by Matter of Fact Mommy on her blog to write about the following:

7 Random Food Facts (About Myself)

Without further ado, I present:

1. I will not send food back in a restaurant. Haven't you ever heard of sneezers? Or watched the horrendous movie Waiting? I don't want some dude's bodily fluids floating around in my pasta, thank you very much.

2. Did you know that it is a common occurrence to find fly wings in commercially processed peanut butter? And it's not even illegal!

3. If you can't cook - don't. The smells coming from your home may be pleasant to you, but when they make my son's bedroom smell like rotted liver and onions for days on end...well...buy a cookbook or something and follow the recipe correctly. A layer of jam. A layer of lady fingers. A layer of whipped cream. Then beef sauteed with onions and peas.....

4. Chances are if it has caused me to vomit, whether because of a stomach bug, morning sickness, or its general digustingness, I won't eat it again.

5. If I'm going to eat the chicken, I can't clean and trim the chicken. I just can't.

6. Browning ground beef always smells like poop to me.

7. I love pumpernickel bread, but can't stand caraway seeds. Go figure.

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Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

sorry, i'm still laughing.
great stuff! remind me to ALWAYS TAG YOU on this stuff.