Saturday, March 29, 2008

God watches MTV

He must, because I feel as though I'm being Punk'd. Why? Because it appears that my morning sickness has come back, again with the word morning being a complete misnomer. I wake up nauseated, and after I have a two second window where it seems to have gone away and I'm brave enough to eat so that the fetus doesn't starve...well, it comes back. Literally. Heaving with a booboo rib isn't my idea of a fun time. Damn it.

The icing on this proverbial cake of pregnancy is that I've begun having some signs of early labor (at 32 weeks). Am I awful and/or selfish for being the slightest bit excited that the end is possibly a little closer than expected? I know if Gumdrop is born now she'd be in the hospital for a while, unless the steroid inhaler that I've been taking for the last week is pumping (clap) her up, making her little lungs mature a wee bit faster than normal. I was born (I think) 6 weeks early, and hey - look at me. I'm fine. I'm sure I am awful, though, for that and for many other reasons, but honest to God, I'm ready to be done with this pregnancy. And I plan on either forever forgoing sex or getting Hubs neutered so that I never come close to getting pregnant again. I always wanted a big family, but I'll have to buy them or steal them (kidding!!), because I will never, ever put my body through a pregnancy again. I apologize if someone reading this isn't able to have children, and I realize that it's a blessing to be able to carry a child (I really do, actually), but my body is just not one that enjoys being pregnant, and my doctors will agree.

The silver lining on this cloud is that baby boy is FINALLY calling me mama. Sure, he's been able to say it for a while, but he never called for me like he does his daddy. He's never had to - I'm always there for him, rarely out of his sight. But, coincidentally, the morning after this little rib mishap occurred, lo and behold, he pointed to me and said "mama." Oh, what music to my ears. I'm sure when he's older and it goes from the sweet, innocent, filled-with-love call of "mama" to "Mom. Mom. Mommy. Ma. Mommommommommom...." it'll drive me nuts, but for now...and maybe it's the painkillers...but now - I'll revel in it. Thanks for saving it, baby boy. I needed it this week, and I love you so so much.


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

awwww, so sweet! i remember when my darling 4yo son started calling me mama and meaning it. felt like it took forever. especially when his first words were 'daddy' and 'doggy'. i guess 'd' words are just easier for their little mouths to say.
and even at 4yo, the "mommmmmyy, mama! mommy! maaaaammmmaaaa!" is aggravating. it's still filled with love though. i hope.

re: the pregnancy... i had both of my kids at 37wks, which is technically full-term. but man was that a nice thing. and i had two uneventful pregnancies (you hate me), but i was SO DONE and ready for both of them to come... well, except for my son who came on new year's eve 2003 when we had big dinner plans with a huge group of people. but what a cool birthday, no?

Andrew and Connor's Mom said...

I am hoping that jellybean is healthy whether she decides to come early or not.

I know how uncomfortable having a baby up in your ribs is, but I cannot imagine how much worse it is which a cracked rib. All I can say is "Bless your heart" and I hope you bounce back quickly after she is born. You are such a trooper.

It's like our children know exactly what we need and when. My oldest called me dada forever. And just when I needed him to say mama, he did. It is wonderful. No. 2 picked up on mama very quickly. He still doesn't say dada much.