Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do you have Fuzzi Bunz?

As if I don't already have enough anxiety over making sure that my daughter-to-be's bits and pieces will shine like the top of the Chrysler Building, I've made the decision to switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. Initially we were just going to use cloth for her, but I'm quite certain we'll be making the switch for baby boy, too. Awww, you may be thinking, she's trying to save the environment. Not wanting to clutter up landfills with her babies' waste products and Sesame Street-adorned Pampers. Screw the environment - I'm just sick of buying diapers.

Gone are the days of the Diaper Champ, which only leaves you gagging for a brief second as you flip the head of the diaper pail to dispose of your messy bundle and being rewarded with a quick gust of poopy air. Welcome to the world of flicking poop into the toilet, rinsing poop residue and pee-pee out of the liners in the same sink that I brush my teeth over, and storing them in a pail until ready to wash, surely filling the entire upstairs with the enticing fragrance of newborn poop and toddler explosions. Oh, and let's not forget the daily washings of these fabulous coolie-covers. I love to do laundry every day. Really. Especially when the weather is nice outside.

But hey - I'm saving money, right? Right.

I give it a week.


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...


let me know how that goes.

McKenzie said...

Crazy, right? Holding the diapers in my hand yesterday, all I could think was "What the hell have I gotten myself into?" But rather than hear a big fat I-told-you-so from my husband, I'll suck it up and give it a try. For a week.

Andrew and Connor's Mom said...

Which kind of diapers have you chosen? If you last more than one week, I may be motivated to try.

McKenzie said...

M - I read that Fuzzi Bunz are the best out there, so that's what I'm trying. I'll be sure to let you know!

Rebecca :-) said...

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Dan & Misty said...

We used Fuzzi Bunz with Ian for about 6 months. I even bought the special Charlie's soap to use with them. Well after about 4 months of washing the kid started smelling like a piss farm everytime he wet in one. I couldn't figure out why the hell they stank so badly. I switched soaps to my normal detergent and voila, stink gone. Make sure you get the hemp inserts if you have a heavy night wetter. We wrap them around the regular insert and shove em in the diap.