Friday, June 27, 2008

Wait and see

That's what we're doing. Taking the wait and see approach. I can deal with that.
Saw the neurologist this morning. Was scared out of my wits as I walked into his office. Shaking, actually.
I have about 15 lesions on my brain. I got to see them on the MRI films. I want to name them. I should, I guess. They're not going anywhere.

The doctor is saying that he's not overly concerned about MS at this point. We're going to go ahead and treat me for migraines. I'm on one medication to break this cycle of headaches. I have another to take if they come back. If neither medication works then I'll be set up with infusion therapy. Infusion therapy for headaches - at this neurological institute, at least - involves being hooked up to an IV for a couple of hours in a comfy chair in a quiet, darkened room with an eye mask. SIGN ME UP! Sounds like a vacation to me at this point. If THAT doesn't work, then we'll take another look at things - reevaluate symptoms, perhaps another MRI.

I can wait. I can see. Am I worried? Sure, a little, but it's not going to affect my every day living. It'll be back there in the darkest depths of my mind. I know MS is still a possibility. But I can be thankful for today, and thankful that the first few words out of his mouth weren't "I'm sorry to tell you...."

Thanks to all of you who commented and who sent me private e-mails wishing me luck and sending good thoughts. You'll never know how much they are appreciated.

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annasmommy said...

I am glad to hear that your doctor isn't too concerned about MS right now. I hope those meds do help with the migraines, but the way you described the infusion treatments it does kinda sound like a bit of a vacation LOL just keep your head up and enjoy those babies, I'm still thinking about you and hope everything turns out for the best. HUGS!!! Melissa