Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Uh oh

Is it normal for the first thing you feel when you find out the sex of your child to be unmistakable fear? Because that's what I felt today. A distinct feeling of, "I'm sorry, what?" In the short drive home from the doctor I was somehow able to play out the next 30 years in my mind...and it left me terrified. If ever there was a time I doubted my ability to mother, this is it.

In other news, XL maternity underwear. Have you seen 'em? I'm sure they'd be adequate to sail a boat around the world. Once upon a time I could comfortably wear a size medium. Then I got pregnant the first time, and the size went to a large. Today I put on my very first pair of granny panties XL maternity underwear and was mortified. About as unsexy as you can get. My secret? I love them. Super comfy. Everyone should wear them.


Momma Mary said...

Oh Lord.. Did I ever LOVE my maternity underwear.. So stretchy, so comfy.. Got them at Motherhood, they were the streeettttchy kind.. Not the cotton ones.. ;) It's no secret.. Everyone Should wear maternity underwear..

And grats on finding out what the bub is!

Elisabeth said...