Thursday, January 10, 2008

Address change

To my regulars -

I'm trying to figure out if I can change the web address for this blog without having to lose my previous posts. If, one day, you try to get here and my blog seems to have disappeared, fear not - just use Google and search for "antifungal cream for worrywarts," and you'll hopefully be lead to the new address. Hopefully.

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Momma Mary said...

Just to let you know.. You can, I did. Log into blogger Dashboard, Find your blog, and click on Settings under Manage. It is under the "Publishing" Tab.

After I changed mine, I went back in and created a NEW blog with the same url as the old one and post a link temporarily... If you want to email out a new list though, so that not everyone can find it,you may want to make it so that people can't find your new blog by searching for your profile. If you go into the Dashboard, on the Right Side, you will see the link for Edit your Profile. Under "Show my Blogs" Click the link, and you'll have a list of all of your blogs. You can check/uncheck them so that people can/cannot find the link to your new url that way.

Email me if you have questions! M