Thursday, January 31, 2008

15 months

I call this picture "No I'm NOT getting into something I shouldn't be getting into!"

Baby boy is 15 months old today, and I am elated to finally - FINALLY - report that he is walking. Not 100% full time, but at least half of his on-the-go movement is walking. It's adorable, really - I liken him to Frankenstein, complete with the waving hands in the air. It happened suddenly, almost overnight, and tonight he was looking as though he's been doing it for months, even almost running a few times. Yep - he's growing up way too fast.

He can tell you what sounds a cat, snake, giraffe (don't ask), cow, and sheep make. He still tells the downstairs dog (and oftentimes the downstairs child) to be quiet when he can hear them. He'll say "beep beep" when he hears a car horn or the microwave beep. He says "beekaball" for basketball, and "beeball" for baseball. He loves to "bow," or bounce - on the bed, on the couch...on the floor. He loves going to the local children's museum (for ages 1-4) and "touring" the countries, playing the music, playing in the pretend kitchen, garden, and farm stand...he loves to explore, loves to learn, and loves to show off any new acquired skill.

He will announce when he has to go/has gone pee pee and caca, and if he's oh-so-lucky to be in the bathroom with Mama when she has to go, loves to wave and say "bye bye, pee pee" as the toilet swishes.

He can pick out the letters O, Q, B, and the number 8 out of his bath time letter/number bath toys. He still loves to read/being read to. He loves to climb on anything - he has even tried climbing the cats on a few occasions - and I'm sure he'll love that our new home has an actual staircase that he can climb up and down.

He loves to give kisses and to snuggle and hug - melts my heart every time he makes his kissy noises. He gets more and more loving with my pregnant belly every time (please, God, let this be a sign that they'll have a good relationship).

He has begun those awful boy noises. Grunting, car noises, Cookie Monster noises...oy. All day. ALL DAY. He is definitely all boy.

After being a bit concerned after his last doctor's appointment, I type this entry with a great sense of pride for all that he has accomplished, and with a bit of a heavy heart at just how quickly time is passing. Slow dow, time...just a little.

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