Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The term "morning sickness" is such a misnomer. Mine is there when I wake up in the morning, getting progressively worse throughout the day, peaking between 5 and 9 p.m., and then settling down when it's time to go to sleep....which is right about the time my heart starts to rev up and begins to beat between 95 and 100 beats/minute. While I haven't actually thrown up during these hours of being nauseated, I'm constantly gagging and the nausea is enough to leave me feeling incapacitated for much of the day.

So of course we've chosen to move NOW.

Well, 2 weeks from now to be exact, but the fun of packing and throwing out all of the shit we have accumulated over the last 10 months. Before we moved we threw out a ton of shit (including nice furniture that, of course, would have fit perfectly in the new place) and swore that we wouldn't accumulate anymore.

I'm off to Brooklyn. Vomiting is imminent. This will be a fun subway ride.

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