Thursday, March 02, 2006

First picture

Until I have an ultrasound picture, this is what I get to look at. I threw away the other 4. We're planning on saving the original show him/her some day, I guess. Is that gross? I found it on the floor this morning, knocked off of a high book shelf by a disgruntled cat. I can imagine the scenario now.....

"Baby? We don't want no stinking baby!" Suddenly, a Matrix-like move by Dewey, the male cat, from the bed to the shelf, and with one swish of the paw the test is brushed from its safe yet temporary holding place to the parquet floor of our cold bedroom. "Ha ha ha, sweet revenge is mine!" exclaims Dewey, cheering in victorious unison with the 2 girl cats.

I walk into the bedroom to see what the commotion is all about and am met by the hateful stares of 3 cats. Celine, the alpha female, glances quickly from me to the shelf that once held the blue-lined stick. I start to walk to the other side of the bed when I feel something beneath my feet. I know what it is before I even look. I scream in horror as I look to the shelf to confirm my fear - the test is not there. I have squished my baby beneath my left foot. I open my mouth to yell; the cats, sensing this, scatter to different corners of the apartment. I bend down to peel the stick from the bottom of my foot, check for cracks and breathe a sigh of relief when I discover none.

I decide to place the stick in the top drawer of my nightstand, among unmentionable items, and feel immediately guilty. I remove it and place it on the lap of Roger, the trusted Build-A-Bear monkey, who hails from his throne on the top-most shelf of the bookcase. Roger got me through my long and lonely nights in the hospital several years ago, and will take care of Baby Stick until it finds its permanent home in a baby book.

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