Friday, May 12, 2006

We need lots of stuff

But we lack the funds. Who wants to throw me a baby shower? Anyone? Anyone? I even started a registry although I know there's no point. How pathetic, but it's fun to dream.


Janet said...

beg, borrow and steal! especially the big stuff.

Once you find out (if you find out) if it's a boy or a girl, then you can worry about clothes.

The important stuff? That's easy.

a place for the baby to sleep
receiving blankets
car seat
sleepers (preferable the sack type)
lots and lots of diapers

That should get you thru the first month or so. I'd loan you some of my stuff, but a) I'm in Kansas City, and b) I'll be using it all myself here in another two weeks or so!

Maggie said...

flea markets and thrift stores are life savers! Sometimes you can find things that are brand new and are only a few dollars, as opposed to what they are in the retail stores.