Wednesday, October 03, 2007

11 months old

A few days late in posting Nat's 11 month status update. Been too busy vomiting up everything but the kitchen sink...although I think I did see it at one point...and being rehydrated in the hospital. Fun times.
But I digress.
My baby is one month away from turning the big 1.0. I can't even begin to describe the emotions associated with such a big event. Nothing like I ever imagined. My baby isn't a baby anymore, he's asserting his independence more and more, and it's actually breaking my heart. Not big into cuddling so much - hopefully it's a stage - and he gives W and me these looks that would imply he thinks we're crazy.
No walking, no talking. Don't get me started.
The newest thing is pointing. He points at everything. The cute part is that he doesn't point straight, so we really have no idea what he's intending to point to, so we pick the closest object and we tell him what it is. He knows what so many things are yet he's too stubborn to say the words. He's fascinated by people of other races/ethnicities. Awkwardly fascinated. We'll be in a waiting room, for example, and there will be someone of a different race, and he'll immediately pick that person out, crawl over to them, and look up and stare. And stare. Aaaaand stare. It's funny in a non-PC sort of way. He also enjoys the tubing on oxygen tanks.
Not much new from last month. We have his one-year check in about a month. We've decided to withhold the dreaded MMR shot for a couple of years (comments are not necessary, thank you) and are anxious to see how he's grown in the last 3 months and how he's doing according to the doc.
Planning for his first birthday party is nothing short of obsessive and ridiculous. He's my first baby, though, so I find no harm in spoiling him. We won't be able to give him everything he ever wants, but birthdays are special days whether or not he'll remember in 5 or 50 years, so we plan to celebrate big.
Our first year together is drawing to a close. It's bittersweet, really. I'm sad that it has passed by so quickly, but look forward to many more years of being mama to the best baby boy out there. We have this book that I bought but have yet to read to him because it's actually a bit depressing, but the mother in the story sings this to her baby boy - "I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be." My sentiments exactly. :)


Momma Mary said...


If it makes you feel any better... we were out food shopping for the little Man's bday party.. The lady in front of me had a 3 month old, or so.. I was telling my little guy about that baby.. Then I looked at the other momma and said.. It goes faster than you think! And I started bawling. In Target. In the checkout lane. It was totally stupid. Luckily I got it under control before anyone noticed... I hope!

Elisabeth said...

The book you described, I'll Love You Forever - I can't even read it to Hudson without crying. In fact, I'm sitting at work, right now, with tears, just thinking about reading the book to Hudson.

What have these boys done to us?

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