Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm sitting here in mental anguish, anxiously awaiting a phone call from Arlene the nurse so that I can know what my levels are. They should've been back this morning, but they weren't and of course that makes me paranoid and worried. I've had no morning sickness today, and that worries me too because it's basically been non-stop since last week. I hope everything is okay.

I had a bad night last night. My heart rate got up to 106, and my blood pressure was sooo low early this morning. Both things are normal in early pregnancy (information courtesy of the crochety cardiologist on call), but because of my ongoing issues I'm lucky enough to get to experience things a little more than the average woman. Yay. So while the average pregnant woman may feel her heart beating in her chest, I get to feel mine pounding throughout my entire body like it's getting ready to launch into space. While the average pregnant woman may experience a blood pressure drop to 90/70, I got to feel what 75/52 felt like this morning. Surely it's what you feel like when you're DEAD.

I downloaded (read: stole) a ton of classical music yesterday so that I can listen to it and make Cletus the Fetus (we must find out the sex as soon as possible so we can stop calling it Cletus) listen to it (even though there are no ears yet). It's supposed to relax me, supposed to relax the baby (again, no ears yet), and it'll piss off the crazy Mexicans. Speaking of the crazy Mexicans, we're hoping to be out of here by May 1st. Please, God - let some money drop out of the sky so that we can move. Please? Maybe it would be easier for you to just kind of make it materialize in the dusty, rarely used, cobweb-y space at the bank reserved for our savings? I mean, whatever's easier for you, 'cause I know you're busy.

In other news, and in the spirit of too much info, I'm leaking.....and it's normal. Blahhhh.

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Elysia said...

Cletus the Fetus. HILARIOUS.

so glad you've been feeling better and entitled to a smile, though the medical issues (feeling like you're DEAD) don't sound too fun...

where are you guys moving to?