Friday, October 31, 2008

And today you are two

Happy second birthday, Nathanael!

I can hardly believe that you, my baby boy, are already two - you're not a baby anymore. You're growing up to be such a big boy! You've been so excited about your birthday all week, proudly announcing to anyone and everyone that you were turning two.

I hope that this next year of your life brings you as much joy and happiness as this past year seems to have brought you. You are so loved, and I want you to continue to know and feel that every day.

You are such a blessing to our lives, Nat. You are sweet, kindhearted, sensitive, loving, SO smart and SO very funny. You bring a smile to my lips and heart all the time, even through your tantrums and emphatic strings of telling me "NO!"

I love you. You're so very special to me, and I love you more and more every day. Off you go, and off you grow....but stay my baby a little longer, okay?

Happy birthday, my Natty. My lovey dovey. My handsome handsome. I love you.

Our first family picture


supermommy said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!

Misty said...


Momma Mary said...

Happy Birthday Nat!!! :) Hope your day is FUN!!!

Samantha said...

Happy birthday to the birthday boy!! Hope you guys enjoyed his special day!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

awww... sniff sniff...

happy birthday, natty! :)