Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little girls, little girls...

Seriously, what is it about having a baby girl that turns your average, not-overly-girly mom-to-be into someone who begins obsessing over bedding and blankets? I don't recall having OCD about baby boy's nursery decor while he was still in utero. Maybe my husband will disagree with me, but I just don't remember it being that way. I knew from the start which adorable jungle-themed bed set I wanted for his room. This time, I am obsessed with the color scheme for the new baby's room-to-be, scouring the internet for things that will match it. My latest obsession is the aden+anais swaddling blankets that come in pink and brown. I need them. I can't stop thinking about them. I've attempted to order them several times, but they're on backorder, and the shipping is astronomical and I always cancel out at the last second. I don't own a darn piece of clothing - or anything else, including Pepto Bismol - that comes close to resembling the color pink, yet I am pretty sure the fate of the world (and the nominee for the Democratic candidate for the presidency) rests on whether or not my daughter has these blankets.

Damn it. I happened to glance to my left just now. What did I see? My pink Razr. In all fairness, though, it's more of a fuschia color than pink. Okay. Enough of that. Lauren from The Hills has the same phone, so it's cool.

Also? Diaper bags. I was a bit more fanatical when it came to picking a diaper bag. I didn't want it to scream "LAME DIAPER BAG" therefore implying "LAME NEW MOM." I wanted it to be trendy, but not so trendy that it looked like I was trying to be trendy. This time, I'm looking for a diaper bag that is made for moms with 2 babies. I found one. I need it. I have to have it. It's uber-trendy and all the cool moms have one. It was featured on The View. I *could* use my current bag, but it's definitely a boy bag. I need a transgendered bag. I'm trying to gather the courage to purchase the bag online, but never in my life could I imagine paying close to $100 for something that will hold crumbs and be stained with spilled breast milk and spit up and will occasionally sit on a public restroom floor harboring e. coli and SARS and MRSA and crabs. And strange short and curlies.

I've gone off topic.

Could someone out there score me some Tessalon Perles? My primary care doctor doesn't seem to care that every time I cough I'm pretty sure my cervix dilates another centimeter. This would not be good, as I'm pretty sure the baby doesn't have eyes yet, and then she wouldn't be able to ogle and enjoy the fabulous blankets I'll be purchasing for her.

*disclaimer - i'm not *really* looking to score the tessalon perles over the internet - that would be illegal. although, if someone were to offer them to me it sure would take a lot of arm twisting not to accept them. seriously. this cough is a bitch. i neither advocate nor condone the exchange of drugs, prescription or otherwise, in an illegal manner. unless you can get me some tessalon perles. so if someone sees fit to try to sue me over that statement, go for it. refer to a post made on 11/30/07 - i *still* got nothin'...except this cough.

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Sara said...

When I had Mady Pink became my favorite color. Still is. I dont' like purple or pastel yellow, nope, it has to be pink...