Friday, November 30, 2007

Dr. Karen Giardino in Williamsville, NY

If you live in or around the Buffalo, NY area and are in search of an endocrinologist, please heed my warning - do NOT see Dr. Karen Giardino, member of Meadowlands Endocrinology. This practice is highly negligent, completely unprofessional, and doctors and staff do not follow NYS rules and regulations pertaining to medical practice and procedure or to the release of medical records. The staff are anything but knowledgeable and medical care received is well below what is expected from a board certified medical professional. Do not place something as valuable as your health into the hands of Dr. Karen Giardino and/or Meadowlands Endocrinology in Williamsville, NY.

End of my PSA for the day. Ugh. Off to find a new COMPETENT endo so that my thyroid levels can be accurately monitored, ensuring that I don't lose this baby. Good grief.

*disclaimer - all information in this post about dr. karen giardino is based strictly on my own experience with her and/or her practice. i have no facts that will prove this is an ongoing issue, so if you're looking to sue me, don't bother - i got nothin'.


Momma Mary said...

Wow? Is everything all right? Drop me an email. Ugh. I hate it when I get rotten medical care!

Moving Forward said...

Hi, I was actually considering going to this doctor based on the recommendation of someone else.

I'd love to chat more via email if you'd have a moment about it. I'm just very apprehensive to go not really knowing the full picture.

My email is kkfashionista (at) gmail (dot) com

Joseph said...

I love Dr. Giardino! She is the best Endocrinologist in Western NY

Anonymous said...

I go to this office & I can never see the Dr.! I was told that is their office policy. You can only see the Dr. on your inital visit.

Well, if I wanted to see a N.P. I would have stayed w/ my primary.

I am looking for an new endo, but there doesnt seem to be any around.