Tuesday, May 08, 2007

6 months old

My baby boy turned 6 months old last week. I can hardly believe it. It doesn't seem possible that this time last year I was in misery from being so sick, but so elated at the thought of the little one growing inside of me. I didn't officially know that I was having a boy yet, but I knew. I knew from the beginning. I believe I even asked my OB to note it in the chart on my first appointment. :)

The baby has cut his first tooth - finally! It popped up this past Friday after a looooong, painful few weeks of whining, biting, chewing, drooling, etc. I had a happy babe on my hands for a few days, but I think the second bottom middle tooth is getting ready to sprout because his evil side has started to show itself again. He can sit unsupported. He's crawling. He's still wanting so badly to speak but isn't quite there. He did say "pimp" the other day, though. Hmm.
We're busy with playgroups, swimming, and yoga. We've got a date for the zoo and the playground later this week. We're turning into social butterflies! Everyone at the trendy Central Perk-ish coffee shop here in the neighborhood thinks that he's such a cute baby boy, and of course I have to agree. He'll blow spit bubbles and raspberries at someone if they bend down to say hello to him and then follow up with a huge smile. He loves to be outside on the grass - a "luxury" he didn't know until we moved here. He loves the sound of the birds, he loves to look right up at the sun, likes to look at the trees...not so thrilled with bugs (like his mama), but hey, who can blame him? He's starting to show his temper - definitely asserting the Irish side of his heritage. He'll get mad if you take something away, if he drops something and wants it back, if I don't feed him quickly enough, etc. He loves to sit in his little portable high chair in restaurants when we go out - he loves to show off what a big boy he is. He isn't crazy about riding in his car seat for long periods of time. This was to be expected, though, because he didn't really start riding in a car seat at all until a couple of weeks ago when we bought our car. He'll get used to it. We have our well baby check at the end of the week, so I'll be anxious to see how much he weighs and how he reacts to a male doctor giving him his next round of shots. Mama likes the new pediatrician! *wink wink*

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